iPhone SE 4 May Clone the iPhone 16 Design

Apart from the iPhone 16 which is scheduled to arrive this fall, Apple may also be working on its next-generation iPhone SE that could debut sometime in 2025. Although there were a few differing speculations on what the budget-oriented iPhone may look like, a new rumor suggests Apple will scrap the notch entirely in favor of Dynamic Island.

Updated Apple iPhone SE 4 design

Just last year, it was rumored that the iPhone SE 4 or fourth-generation model could feature the old notch and share most of the design language of the iPhone 14. Things are different now with a new rumor that reimagines the iPhone SE 4 to feature a Dynamic Island (how generous of Apple).

According to frequent tipster MajinBuOfficial, the 2025 iPhone SE will most likely feature an exterior similar to the upcoming iPhone 16 albeit with dimensions comparable to the iPhone XR. This provides an opposing view of previous reports that indicate the iPhone SE 4 will inherit much of the iPhone 14 design. Based on this, Apple is touted to incorporate the Dynamic Island on the display which will house the Face ID and selfie camera.

Apple iPhone SE 4 alleged design
An alleged mock-up of the Apple iPhone SE 4 design based on the rumor. / © X/u/UpintheZone edit by nextpit

As for the rear, the account does describe the iPhone SE 4’s back panel to mirror the iPhone 15’s (review) and iPhone 16’s with a new camera island. However, instead of headlining it with a dual camera configuration, the iPhone SE model will utilize a single lens alongside the LED flash and microphone sitting on a vertical elliptical island.

Even then, the leaker did share a disclaimer, touting that these are still rumors. With Apple expected to announce the iPhone SE 4 in 2025, there are still many possibilities of vital design changes of the handset along the way.

Other Apple iPhone SE 4 specifications

Apart from the more modern look of the iPhone SE 4, it is speculated the device will ditch the compact form factor of the current iPhone SE (review) by featuring a 6.1-inch screen. The wider viewing real estate could also see the battery capacity of the handset increase. Based on the known timetable, it’s more apparent the iPhone SE 4 will be powered by Apple’s A17 or the unannounced A18 chipset.

It would be interesting to see what’s the reason behind Apple’s plans to bring back the SE-branded iPhone despite dropping the device’s compact form factor, which was known as the primary selling point of the current iPhone SE line. Perhaps we will see Apple position the iPhone SE 4 as a much cheaper iPhone entry point.

Do you think an updated design would make the iPhone SE 4 a worthy purchase? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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